Company LB-Furnir

Company LB-Furnir procures timber for veneer from all over the world, cuts the wood at the company Merkscha d.o.o. or at some other place, we alone look after quality of  merging and selling of veneer.

LB – Furnir has over 15 years experience in the area of production of veneer. Veneers of the company LB-Furnir reach high quality in demanding technical rates in wood industry at domestic as well foreign costumers. With the quality of veneer and bussiness references we obtained important business partners in Slovenia, Europe and all around the world. LB-Furnir indeed supplies with its best quality veneer markets like USA, whole European Union, Russia and countries of former Yugoslavia: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

We are aware of wood as one of the most beautiful natural goods, therefore is our veneer production accurate and covers a complete wood range. We try to be the best and at the same time price favourable, therefore we look for timber ourself and choose it on its source. Then we remake it into a precious veneers.

We follow the latest technological achievements on the world and implement them in our production of cut veneer. We know, that for the good final product is a most important the basic material veneer, therefore we look after supply of best quality timber for the production.

Simple, if you wish a quality and nice veneer: Call or write us!